Monday, June 2, 2008

A new beginning

Just a short posting…… but I need to put in something. I’ve put on about 7 pounds since the end of March and my heartburn is starting to come back a little.

It’s time to take back control.

I’ve just re-setup my food journal and exercise logs and plan to start using them again. My current weight is 202.8 pounds according to my scale which is typically 3 pounds heavier than the one at the YMCA. I’ll be using my own scale this time so more important than my actual weight is simply the change in weight. I’ll weigh in on Monday mornings and record the weights weekly.

First Goal: Get below 200 pounds again.
Goal Target: 1 week, June 9.

I’ll get my new food and exercise journal linked to later today hopefully.

Oh, and I should point out this is my new blog site! For anyone who cares my old blog that I kept during my YMCA Biggest Loser Challenge is at I've moved the new one to this site for various reasons.

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